Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vassal of Grace

This first post is to explain why I started a new blog. I write about things all of the time that are not subject specific to abortion or bio-ethics. I used to dump those on Really?!!, but that blog has gone the way of the dodo and it was largely meant to serve as a "tongue in cheek" blog anyway. So I wanted to start a blog where I am free to post on anything and everything without fear that I was straying from the LTI mission.

As to why the name, well I happened to be reading Milton's Paradise Lost and was struck by the fallen angels referring to themselves as vassals of wrath. So since every other good blog name was already taken I figured Milton was as good a writer as any from which to steal.

As to my policy on comments, they will be moderated and I reserve the right to allow or disallow for any reason I see fit. Largely, I will be sensitive to anonymous commenters, as trolls tend to be largely anonymous, obvious trolls looking to fight for no reason, and anyone using obscene language. I do not mind contrary opinions as long as they are offered in the proper spirit. Otherwise, I love and welcome all comments.

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Comments are moderated for language and attitude. Nothing personal, I have just lost my taste for wrestling with trolls.