Thursday, November 28, 2013

Talk Titles We Hope We Never See

After the joy of ETS and The 5 Words Conference last week in Maryland, my wife and I discussed titles of talks at apologetics conferences. This Thanksgiving, I offer 5 terrible titles of talks we hope we never see at any apologetics conference or offered as a paper. Feel free to offer your own.

1. Let God Sort 'Em Out: Reconsidering a Non-Evangelistic Approach to Apologetics

2. Leave None Alive: The Advantages to Scorched Earth Engagement with Atheists

3. Yell Louder; Yell Last: Abandoning the Overrated “Courtesy” of Listening

4. Bang the Lectern: Dominating Dialogue with Emotion and Anger

5. Heck No! We Won't Know!: Asserting and Sloganeering in lieu of Arguing

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